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Safeguarding Resources

Below you will find resources for parents and caring adults that will help safeguard young hearts and minds.


"Childhood 2.0"

Childhood 2.0 | A Documentary About Growing Up In The Digital Age (

"Brain. Heart. World."

Discover the harmful effects of pornography on the individual, relationships and society.

Brain, Heart, World - Docuseries about the harmful effects of porn. (

"Raised on Porn"

Exposes the ways pornography has become the new sex education for children and unpacks the dangerous lifelong implications of this global phenomenon.

Raised on Porn // Magic Lantern Pictures


Not sure how to talk to kids or teens about porn?

Defend Young Minds: Defend Young Minds™️ | Kids can learn to reject pornography


Read reviews of the latest apps that kids are using, and get the latest digital trends explained at Protect Young Eyes: App Reviews for Parents and Caring Adults | Protect Young Eyes


Read Shared Hope International's Internet Safety Guide: 

Internet Safety (

Download Internet Safety Quick Guides from Enough is Enough:

Internet Safety 101: Quick Guides & Downloads

Filters & Monitoring

For monitoring your children and teens online content:

Bark — Parental Controls for Families

Canopy | Protect Your Children in the Digital Age


Gryphon Routers for home protection: 

Gryphon (


Covenant Eyes offers Screen Accountability software for your devices.

They also provide tools to quit pornography for men, women and children:

Screen Accountability™ | Covenant Eyes

Detoxify Porn Blocker

Detoxify Porn Blocker | #1 Porn Blocker

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