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Safeguarding Resources

Below you will find resources for parents and caring adults that will help safeguard young hearts and minds.


"Childhood 2.0"

"Brain. Heart. World."

Discover the harmful effects of pornography on the individual, relationships and society.

"Raised on Porn"

Exposes the ways pornography has become the new sex education for children and unpacks the dangerous lifelong implications of this global phenomenon.


Not sure how to talk to kids or teens about porn?

Defend Young Minds:


Read reviews of the latest apps that kids are using, and get the latest digital trends explained at Protect Young Eyes:


Read Shared Hope International's Internet Safety Guide:

Download Internet Safety Quick Guides from Enough is Enough:

Internet Safety 101: Quick Guides & Downloads

Filters & Monitoring

For monitoring your children and teens online content:


Gryphon Routers for home protection:


Covenant Eyes offers Screen Accountability software for your devices.

They also provide tools to quit pornography for men, women and children:

Detoxify Porn Blocker

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