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What We Do

Exploitation Prevention Initiatives

Each of our prevention initiatives is designed to instill confidence, self-reliance and character development. Children who exhibit these all-important traits are far less likely to become victims of exploitation both online, and in their communities.



The In-School program provides Character Development and Digital Media safety education for girls in Elementary and Middle Schools throughout Green Country. The classes equip students with defensive and offensive tools to guard themselves as they use the Internet, TV, video games, apps, music etc. in their daily lives.



Collaborations provides the same classes as the In School program with the addition of Life Skills upon request. The Collaborations program provides classes for Home School groups, After school clubs and other non-profits.



Workshops, trainings and lunch & learns are available for students elementary through college along with their families, nonprofits, teachers, churches, emergency service providers, mental health workers and other organizations.

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