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We help educate and equip to expose child exploitation

before it begins.

Child exploitation happens everywhere – even in our smallest, most peaceful communities. Unfortunately, it is often unidentified until it’s too late.

HeartMatters is a Bartlesville-based non-profit that helps teach school aged students how to proactively identify and protect themselves from dangerous content and potential predators they may encounter both online and in their communities. We offer in-school programs and also collaborate with area non-profits, homeschool groups and churches to provide exploitation prevention classes and workshops.


If they spend time viewing online media, the answer is 'yes.' In today's world, predators look for any possible way to gain access to our precious youth. It's critical that parents and guardians are aware of how children are being targeted, approached – and exploited. 

At HeartMatters, our goal is to prevent exploitation of our youth through proactive and educational programs.

10 Ways Any Child Can Be Exploited . . .

1. Movies & Television shows
2. Music Lyrics
3. Advertising
4. Cyberbullying
5. Sexting/Nudes
6. Pornography
7. Sexual Violence
8. Grooming
9. Sex Trafficking
10. Comprehensive Sexuality Education

Prevention Resources

Our Vision
Every student safe from exploitation.

Our Programs

Each of our prevention initiatives are designed to instill confidence, self-reliance and character development. Children who exhibit these all-important traits are far less likely to become victims of exploitation both online, and in their communities.



We teach digital media safety to students in elementary and middle schools in NE Oklahoma.



Collaborations provides the same classes as the In-School program with the addition of Life Skills upon request.



Workshops, trainings and lunch & learns are regularly available for students, families and community members.

Guest Speaker Events

We bring leading experts from across the country to provide our community with powerful presentations and opportunities to learn how to protect our children from exploitation. 

No events at the moment

Our Mission

Demonstrating Christ’s love by safeguarding young hearts and minds through character development and digital media education.

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