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Our Beginnings


MUTUAL Girls Club of Bartlesville started as a girls club on the west side of Bartlesville, Oklahoma in 1964.  Several years later, a little resale shop that came to be known as the Tuesday House was established to provide funding for the organization. Historically, MUTUAL has endeavored to equip young girls with practical life skills, and service opportunities that would lay strong foundations for their futures. 


For over 50 years, MUTUAL continued to facilitate restoration and growth in the area by providing biblically sound resources and Christ-like leadership for both women and girls.



In the past decade, the ways in which young people socialize began shifting from in-person activity to more virtual and remote environments. From online games to chat applications, social media and more – young girls (and increasingly boys,) have now become more vulnerable than ever to online predators. As a result, the organization has changed its programs to address this rapidly increasing threat.

In 2021, MUTUAL changed its name to HeartMatters in order to better align itself with the new programs and also widen its audience from strictly girls to girls, boys and families.

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