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Safety with Ryan

It is an wasy to play game where you simulate one life scenario each year you are alive. However, every choice you make will affect you positively or negatively, and your points in the categories of happiness, smartness, looks, etc. are marked in the section below the game.

The issues: There are some pretty suggestive themes sexually in this game. Ex. While playing it a scenario presented to me was "your friend stole your sex toy and was using it last night, what will you do?" (Now how the heck did I get ahold of a sex toy??? IDK. That wasn't my choice.) Another issue here is the point system. The system is programmed to award and deduct points for certain actions. Where this causes issues is when 3 of your siblings (literally) come out as a different sex. In affirming them you gain good points, in ridiculing them you lose points. So the game definitely has a bias. Overall. not a game for children to be playing as it is more of an adult life simulator.

Likee officially takes the award of the worst parental control app. The functioning of the app is silimar to Tik Tok. To start out I selected my gender to be a make and was immediately met with 5 reels of almost fully undressed women. After finally finding and activating parental controls I logged out of the app and back in to see if it helped. Nope. They didn't do anything. 10 more sexually suggestive reels. At this point I had to back away from the computer in horror. I haven't been that frustrated over an app in a while. My last try was attempting to use the app;s algorithm to filer content by selecting "not interested: or "this post makes me uncomfortable" next to each bad post. And did this work? You guessed it, no. This is the worst app for kids I've dealt with since Tumblr.

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