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Who We Are.

HeartMatters is a Christ-Centered organization following biblical truths as our foundation. We believe the heart matters because the condition of our hearts is what Jesus is concerned with. Our everyday life reflects the condition of our heart and the direction we are going in life.

What We Do.

We provide exploitation prevention education programs to children and families. Because the daily requirements of using technology continue to increase, we equip students with defensive and offensive tools to guard themselves as they use the Internet, TV, video games, apps, music etc. in their daily lives.


Who We Serve.

HeartMatters serves Kindergarten-8th grade students in Green Country. We also collaborate with children and youth nonprofit organizations and homeschool groups to provide classes.  Workshops and trainings are also available for students elementary through college along with their families, nonprofits, police, teachers, churches and so on.

Prevention through

How We're Funded.

HeartMatters receives the majority of its operating funds from Tuesday House, it's local resale shop located in Bartlesville. The proceeds from the sales of Tuesday House are essential to funding programs that provide safe and engaging environments for girls, women and families.

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Although Tuesday House provides much of our operating funds, we wouldn't be able to provide the valuable programs we offer without donations from the public.

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